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Mercury ILS series are available in a wide range of configurations all exceeding the most rigorous ICAO Level 4 requirements and designed to be cost-effective, easy to install and operate, and more than anything else, reliable. They are a newly designed product equiped with the latest state of the art technology.

Mercury ILS has been put to be tested under the most demanding environmental conditions, ensuring its operation in any condition of environment.

LLZ Specification
System Specification
Type Dual Frequency (Fc ± 4 KHz) or Single Frequency           
Frequency Range 108 MHz to 112 MHz 50KHz spacing
Carrier Frequency Stability ±0.0001%, 55Hz@110MHz
Operation Temperature -10˚C to +55˚C
Relative Humidity 0 ~ 90%
Primary Power 110 V to 230V
47 to 63Hz
System and Standby Power +24 V DC
Battery Backup 4 hour
Transmitter Specification
CSB Output Power Typically 20 Watt (+43 dBm)
Adjustable 37dBm to 45dBm
SBO Output Power Typically 0.2 Watt (+23 dBm)
Adjustable 21dBm to 31dBm
CSB/SBO Power Stability ±0.2dBm
Harmonics / Spurious 1 uW / 10 uW
Total Harmonic Distortion less than 1%
CSB/SBO Phase Adjustment ±180 degree
Identification Modulation Freq. 1020±1Hz
Modulation Depth: 0% ~ 15%
Modulation Frequency 90Hz±0.1%, 150Hz±0.1%                                   
Modulation Depth 40% (0%~50%)
SDM Stability ±0.3%
DDM Stability ±0.1%
Monitor Specification
Input RF Integral, Near Field, Farfield
Input Level - 10 ~ - 40 dBm
Monitor Stability RF Power Value ±0.3dB
DDM ±0.1%
SDM ±1%
Alarm Limit Programmable                                  
LLZ Antenna Specification
Frequency Range 108MHz to 112MHz                                    
Number of Element 8/14/20/24
Element Type LPDA
Polarization Horizental
Gain 10dB
Front to Back Ratio Typically 26dB