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NOV 2017     Delivered 20th ILS( Instrument Landing System )

FEB 2014     Passed the flight inspection at Zielona Gora International Airport (ODM contract)

SEP 2013     Passed the flight inspection at Wroclaw International Airpot in Poland (ODM contract)

JUL 2013     Passed the flight inspection at Lublin International Airport in Poland (ODM contract)

SEP 2012     Investment from Korea Venture Investment Corp.

DEC 2011     Delivered 8th ILS

DEC 2010     Finished ODM development of ILS for a company in North America

MAR 2009     Passed the flight inspection for the first ILS in Korea

AUG 2008     VHF/UHF amplifier R&D project with Korea Aerospace University

APR 2008     ILS project awarded from Korea Airport Corp.

DEC 2007     R&D MOU with Korea Aerospace University

NOV 2007     Government Certified Venture Company (Certification Number: 20070202438)

OCT 2006     Incorporated