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Marker Beacon

Marker beacons are the latest products from our development division. We offer Inner Marker, Middle Marker and Outer Marker respectively with different ident signals. The outer marker is generally installed at the distance of 4 NM from the runway threshold where the glide slop angle height is equal to the intercept height. The middle marker is generally located at the distance of 3,500ft which is generally the position where CAT-I decision height 200ft is on the glide slop. The inner marker is required for CAT-II/III and its position of installation is 1,000ft where CAT-II decision height 100ft is on the glide slop.

HENAME's marker beacon is very precise in signal accuracy and superb in technology advancement...

Mercury marker beacon is designed to share the same cabinet with FFM(Far Field Monitor) the installation of which is generally the same with inner marker beacon. It can also have the separated cabinet when necessary