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Hename designed GP with the customers’ requirements in mind interviewing many ILS maintenance experts. One of our main goals with system design was to considerably reduce the complexity and amount of time the field engineer spends on their maintenance work. In addition the careful and thoughtful preparation in our factory is producing the fault free equipment.

Recognizing the need for a sustainable equipment running under harsh environment, we reflected every possible temperature compensation circuit on the systems.
Whether the airport is highly populated or less populated, our GP is sure to meet all demands. Upgrading from CAT I through CAT II to CAT III is very easy, every unit we are releasing from our factory is CAT III ready, supporting long term growth success.

Thanks to thorough consideration on temperature compensation Mercury ILS can immediately and instantly stablize every critical parameter after power tun ON of transmitter. This feature is especilly valuable for the airport with cold standby configuration of ILS.

GP Specification
System Specification
Type Dual Frequency (Fc ± 8 KHz) or Single Frequency               
Frequency Range 329 MHz to 335 MHz 50KHz spacing
Carrier Frequency Stability ±0.0001%, 166Hz@332MHz
Operation Temperature -10˚C to +55˚C
Relative Humidity 0 ~ 90%
Primary Power 110 V to 230V
47 to 63Hz
System and Standby Power +24 V DC
Battery Backup 4 hour
Transmitter Specification
CSB Output Power Typically 5 Watt (+37 dBm)
Adjustable 32dBm to 42dBm
SBO Output Power Typically 0.2 Watt (+23 dBm)
Adjustable 20dBm to 30dBm
CLR Output Power Typically 0.5 Watt (+27 dBm)
Adjustable 24dBm to 34dBm
CSB/SBO Power Stability ±0.2dB
Harmonics / Spurious 1uW / 10 uW
Total Harmonic Distortion less than 1%
CSB/SBO Phase Adjustment ±180 degree
Modulation Frequency 90Hz±0.01%, 150Hz±0.01%                                       
Modulation Depth 80% (0%~90%)
SDM Stability ±0.8%
DDM Stability ±0.2%
Monitor Specification
Input RF Integral, Near Field
Input Level - 10 ~ - 40 dBm
Monitor Stability RF Power Value ±0.3dB
DDM ±0.1%
SDM ±1%
Alarm Limit Programmable