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Distributors Wanted

We are looking for local agency capable of ILS distribution and installation. Mercury ILS 1000 series developed by Hename, Inc are offering the highest level of performance, easy to install and dependable. Hename Inc. is committed to provide the best ILS for your local market. For more information you can reach us at or +82-31-781-0900

Mercury ILS is reliable in system stability and cost effective in maintenance. We put the number one priority on reliablity and cost effectiveness. The critical parameters of ILS remains constant over changing conditions...

Our partnership will be a highway to mutual success. In addtion to supreme hardware technology, we also provide the user friendly GUI software for thorough monitoring and controlling systems. The state of arts technology, quality of products and competitive price will be the very pathway to our mutual success. We need your expertise in your local market

We will work hand-in-hand with you on:
•   Licensing and permits
•   Surveying and siting
•   Interfacing with Power and Communications Providers
•   Preparation and Construction
•   Equipment Installation and Testing
•   Training and Support of Operators and Maintenance Crew